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Mannington is known to be the family home of Matthew Manning, Jr. (1770-1837)  and his wife, Mary Hodges. He inherited it from his father, Matthew Manning Sr. (1718-1801),son of John Manning 3rd (1685-1747) and his wife Margaret Markham (abt. 1685-bef. 1757).

Below is a map showing Mannington on a relatively modern USGS map. The map actually shows the Mannington house. The location corresponds exactly with the 1866 map of Mannington. (Note the road shape in both maps. It comes directly south from the railroad, turns west and then back to south. Although not shown on the modern map, in the 19th century, the headwaters of Julian Creek extended to the Mannington property. For proof, see 19th century map below.)

A deed notes that the property is at the headwaters of Julian Creek (now St. Julian Creek.) The home survived until the middle of the 20th century and is remembered today by several older Mannington descendants.

Julian Creek flows from the Elizabeth River below Portsmouth. In the 19th century, Julian Creek headwaters extended almost exactly to where the house is marked on the map below. See the 19th century map for details. Directly east of St. Julian Creek, across the Elizabeth River, is Gaythers/Gaithers Creek, which flows east. Gaythers Creek is  mentioned in land grant for an earlier John Manning. On a modern map, it is named Milldam Creek.

Below is a 20th century map of Mannington.

Below is an 1866 map of Mannington with a link to a larger map below. Surrounding property owners: Reuben Culpeper heirs, Martins, Joseph Hodges, Morris L. Tabb heirs, Cook.

Here is a link to a much larger map. but it is a 580 KBS image and will take longer to display.